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Hello, Hodder+

Who are we? 

aralbar | sound & media offers production services to SMEs, creators and agencies.


Our media branch produces high-quality,

low-cost audio visual content for SMEs aiming to elevate social media presence, online visibility and improve customer engagement through captivating productions.

All tailored to your business. 

What kind of content can we produce  to elevate your business?

  • Holiday Videos

  • Phone Productions (On hold marketing, Out of Hours Messaging and Voicemails)

  • Hiring Videos

  • Video content for social media. 


Holiday Videos

On the left is how your Christmas posts look right now. No music and a static video.

On the right is what we can do to it. Add amazing Xmas music and have bespoke messaging to your wishes to go along with your video. Higher engagement and reach guaranteed!

how it is now 👇 

what we can do 👇 


Out of Hours Message & Voicemails & On Hold Marketing

At the moment, when your clients ring you up out of hours, all they hear are rings!

How about directing them to your website or social media where they can explore more, creating effective leads for your business?

These Demos were made with an AI voice but we do have top quality Voice Over actors in our roster as well.

what we can do

Also check out the Voicemail and On Hold Marketing sample below.

Don't let your customers listen to rings. Keep them engaged with classy music and tell your story as well as your achievements.

VM DEMO_Claire Hodder
VM DEMO_Stephen Hodder
ON HOLD DEMO_Hodder and Partners


Hiring Videos

We can see that your hiring posts only include photos at the moment. 

How about turning these still photos into a video that would have a further reach on social media, increasing your chances of landing amazing talent.

how it is now 👇 

Hiring Before.png

what we can do 👇 

Interested in all of this?
Let's book a short,
introductory meeting.

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Music Equipment

Let's Work Together

The contents of this page have been prepared for demonstration purposes only. The webpage isn't publicly listed on our website and only shared with the business owner(s) of the company mentioned above. 

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